Business Rescue Strategy: 9 Ways to Keep a Customer Happy


Keep a customer happy is what makes them drive past all your competitors to come to you.

Keep a Customer Happy will bring you endless businessNot every company is rewarded with high customer satisfaction simply because the amount of time dedicated in the endeavor to keep a customer happy is relatively low.

Apart from investing in facilities and staff, one of the most important assets of a business is time. Like money, you should spend it wisely. You don’t want to be the company having problems with your customers, right?

Of course not.

To grow your business by leaps and bounds, you need customers, and not just ordinary customers but highly satisfied customers who’d leave the premises of your business, online or not, with smiles on their faces (and come back for more).

Why? Content customers are a sign that your business is existing and ready for any competition. It is the very life blood of what you’re doing. Without the ability to attract and retain customers, expect a serious downfall in your company’s performance.

Given this scenario, targeting customers to drive past your competitors and come directly to you is a special skill that can be honed by training. If you want sure-fire strategies to satisfy customers and draw them back for more, bear these pointers in mind:

Business Rescue checklist to keep a customer happy.

1. Hone your listening skills
Be attentive to whatever the customer is telling you. Communication is always a two way process but in such endeavors, what’s more important is not the part where you do the talking but the listening. You’d surely value this come time for complaints.

2. Genuinely good behavior shows
First impressions last and genuine care manifests. This is one of the first steps in providing satisfactory customer service, always greet customers with a smile; it is infectious. Remember the customers will eventually know if you truly care for their welfare or you’d just take advantage of them because they’re paying anyway. Don’t treat customers just for the money. Shower them with patronage and care and they’ll do the same for you.

3. Keep your promises
Nothing disappoints more than broken promises. If you promised to deliver this and that at this particular hour of the day; do not fail. Breaking this doesn’t just damage your credibility but also breaks the customer’s trust.

4. Reward them with gallant freebies
One thing you should keep in mind is that loyalty deserves something in return. And if you already have a steady flow of loyal customers, reward them even with small freebies such as new product samples or free desserts and the like. They’d appreciate it.

5. Remain visible and easy to connect to
Keep your customer lines open, all the time. Keep the “contact us” page visible and make sure someone’s on the other line of the phone when someone calls.

6. Magis
There is something good about giving more than what customers expect. Magis is a Latin term which means “the more.” And delivering beyond what customers would normally expect like giving them free training support or a step by step online walk through for a new device can go a long way.

7. Analyze carefully
They say you can only deliver something great if you know the recipient well. Therefore, analyze your target audience well and get the most out of their behavior while dealing with you like what they usually buy and the common problems they encounter. Being able to decipher their needs ahead of time is a plus point.

8. Make them feel secure
This is especially true for online businesses due to all the online hacking threats. Ensure that your online payment options are secured and that their accounts won’t be falsely robbed.

9. Follow-up
Don’t wait to be contacted but don’t pester them too much. It’s good to have initiative for product or service offerings or some follow-up on the products that your customers just bought. It would be appreciated as well. But don’t turn happy customers to frowning ones when you contact them every now and then. Bugging them out is different from taking the initiative to call. Do it at scheduled intervals.

Should you have any problems with business rescue, keep in mind that aside from cash flow, maintaining a healthy flow of satisfied customers is also key to its success so don’t lag behind and keep this guide handy every time so you will always know how to keep a customer happy

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