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Have you ever met different strangers everyday (face to face) but will never know each other? And yet sometimes when we meet someone in different country or continent, we get to know them really well and these people become great friends?

Would you call it coincidence? Or is it something else…

I met a lady a year ago in United States and it was by sheer coincidence that we met up again in Australia a couple of months back. And what makes it more interesting is she lives in Germany and I never got her business card when I met her in United States a year ago.

However, when we first met, we got along really well. Krisz was full of energy, sincere and a great entrepreneur. She had a great attribute of doing whatever it takes to reach her goals.

And few days ago, I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by this wonderful lady, Krisz Rokk from Strength in Business.

In a short couple of years, Krisz’s podcast show is now ranked number 7 worldwide in Marketing and management as of July 2013. You may wish to listen to the interview with Krisz Rokk here to learn some of my strategies on business rescue.

I believe people are attracted to one another in this world through their own energy and attitude that acts as intermediary magnets. It is of no coincidence that you attract the people you have in your life. More importantly, you subconsciously choose who comes into your life (whether you like it or not).

But these people whom you attract and choose to come into your life will determine your destiny.

Jim Rohn summarises it best:

” You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

Hence if you want to change your life and your destiny, it all starts by changing your own thoughts (which will determine your attitude and energy level). As you progress daily to become better in mastering your thoughts, you will start to notice your life (and friends) will change.

Krisz Rokk is an experienced marketing expert, author, speaker and consultant. She has been successful in the corporate world for over 12 years. She left the corporates and joined the entrepreneurial world.Krisz’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses stand out from the crowd, increase their turnover and profits by implementing smart, tested and proven marketing strategies & plans.”Remember to always play to your strengths. Know your weaknesses but don’t waste your precious time on them.” – Krisz Rokk

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