How to increase your productivity in the office


Man drown in poor productivity in officeDo you often fail to meet deadlines at the office? Do you think you are completing less work? If you do, you should boost your productivity. Many employees do not recognize the need to increase productivity while working. If the day seems to be just a typical day, chances are, you would be procrastinating. Your motivation to get things done could be affected. It is time to be more productive so you could do more.

How could you increase your productivity at the office?

There are practical ways to do so. For a start, you should learn how to properly set goals. It would be advisable to set goals everyday. For example, you should have goals for today. Those could include finishing a long-overdue paperwork, starting immediately on a new project, or completing usual tasks. Do not overlook simple and small goals. Work to achieve those goals on a daily basis. You would be surprised how much work you could get done in a week and in a month.

De-clutter your workstation. Is your office table always too crowded? There could be too many documents or piles of papers sitting on your table top. Getting your table clean is one gauge you are productive. Try to finish all the papers-to-do. Set aside or put out all unnecessary things like photo frames, figurines, books, or small ornaments. Such things could only accumulate clutter, which in turn could hamper your free and fast movement in your own work place.

Free your personal computer from many unnecessary files. Productivity is affected when your PC is full of many unnecessary files. The function of the machine could be slowed down. Finding and retrieval of important files could be harder as there would be confusion. Organize your computer files. Sort documents and categorize them properly. Delete unnecessary files or store them in your backup or removable disk.

Try not to get involved in informal chats with your officemates especially during office hours. This may seem hard but if you are truly focused on getting things done, you could easily do so. You do not need to be an anti-social. You could still enjoy your office mates’ company during lunch or coffee breaks. You might as well join them at after-office get-togethers for some chit-chats. You are in the office to work, not to socialize.

Report to work on time. Punctuality is an important factor to productivity. If you come to the office on time, you could start working early. You would observe that at the end of each day, you are able to achieve and complete more tasks.

Lastly, maintain your focus. You should resist using the Internet for unnecessary activities. It would be better if you could work offline so you would not be tempted to surf porn or just chat with online friends using online messenger or real-time messaging services. Your productivity would be bolstered because there would be minimized distractions. At the end of the day, you would find yourself doing more work.

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