New Year’s Resolution…. is it a waste of time again?


New Year’s Resolution…. is it a waste of time?

New Year's Resolution by Trevi LimHappy new year everyone ! It’s the time of the year we renew our new year resolution. Have you ever wonder why some people make the same resolution every year and fail to keep it after a few weeks? Wait…that was ages ago… it’s now hours or even days… Unless your new year’s resolution is like the list in this picture, then most probably you will understand what I mean…

I find it amusing when I hear people make the same resolution (e.g. quit smoking) year after year and consistently fail. Yet they continue to make the new year’s resolution and not reflecting why it failed the first place.   So what is the key to a successful new year’s resolution?

First you need to REALLY want the result. Most people “kind of” want the result. They will try their best. If you ask them how badly do they want it, you will realise they will only do whatever is in their comfort zone. If it gets too hard, it’s easier to let go of the new year’s resolution.

Secondly, you will need to what it is. I know it sounds silly but most people do not know what they want exactly. For example, most people would like to earn more money in the new year. But upon questioning them, they do not know how much more they want to make. Some may be able to say $50,000 more. But they do not have a date in mind. You will need to be as specific as possible One great example would be,

” I would like to make $50,000 more in passive income by the 2nd of October 2013.”

Thirdly, you need to set measurements in place. This will give you a gauge to how successful you are on your resolution. It is also a roadmap to your success. It can consist of your list of things to do and what would the expected outcome be. Here’s a simple example for someone who wants to lose weight:

  1. Hire a personal trainer
  2. Pay personal trainer in advance for 8 weeks.
  3. Train three times a week
  4. Set up specific measures such as below:
  • Lose 1 kg per week for next 8 weeks. Have a spreadsheet to measure your weight weekly. If need to, draw a chart to help you visually.
  • Measure your waist weekly. Aim for 1 cm less per fortnight.
  • The distance you would like to run in km per week.

Fourthly, ask yourself:

“Why do you want it? How would you feel if you achieved it? What would it give you? What if…. ”

Ask Jim Rohn says, ” The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW.”  As humans, when we have a cause behind our motives, the higher the chance of success. For example, quit smoking is a great cause for anyone. But how important it is to that individual? Some people are motivated by saving money, live longer, die less horribly (e.g. emphysema ). Knowing the reason is only thing, but feeling it is another. It’s always important to pause for a few minutes and imagine the day you achieve that resolution. How would you feel? Connect your emotions to it. Once your new year’s resolution is connected to emotions, your chances of success will be much higher!

To your successful new year’s resolutions!!!

Kindly leave a comment on what you have set as your new year’s resolution and try my method to see if you get a greater success rate!

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