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What is the number 1 reason most businesses fail? It’s the lack of sales. It is either the people in the organisation cannot sell or they are afraid to sell.

Sales are the bread and butter of every business, and, if you would like to see your business turnaround, it can be very helpful to review your sales strategies and ensure that your company has a good grasp of basic sales techniques. Every business would like to achieve more sales,so here are some sales techniques that you may like to try…

Basic Sales Techniques

  1. Be genuine – if there’s one thing that is always noticeable during a sales conversation, it is when a salesperson is trying to falsely hype up the product in question, or when they have no real interest in the product at all. It is so easy to tell when someone is faking enthusiasm, so make sure that you and your sales staff are genuinely committed to the product you are selling. You will find that it is very easy to talk about a product you truly believe in and your customers will notice the difference.
  2. Build relationships – what do you prefer? A salesperson who is woodenly going about their job or someone who takes a genuine interest in you as a person? The ability to build rapport with customers is an important skill for all salespeople. In the end, most people will remember the emotional experience they had above any actual product on sale.
  3. Sell to need – there is no sense in selling someone a product that you know is not really for them. You may get that one-off sale but the chances are the customer will not be back for more as the product you sold them did not meet their needs. Spend the time to talk with your customers and really find out what their needs are, then make product recommendations based upon those needs. People always want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’, so make sure that you answer that question for them.
  4. Use the terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ – when you are discussing products, using terms such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ helps to tie the product to your customer and allows them to picture themselves using it. Where possible, allow the prospective customer to handle the product so that the message is sent home.
  5. Use open questions – these help you to uncover the real needs of the customer. Open questions cannot be answered with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and tend to begin with the words ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ or ‘why’.
  6. Be well-informed – this means knowing details about competitor’s offers, knowing the comparisons with other models and knowing very well the features and benefits of your products. It is much easier to have a genuine conversation with a customer when you know all of these things, and customers will pick up on the fact that you know your stuff.
  7. Remember that people make decisions emotionally – there is often not a logical thought process involved when people decide whether or not to buy. The decision is made based on a feeling, emotion or need. This means that your sales techniques or conversation must have a strong focus on intangible benefits which will compel a customer to buy.
  8. Deliver value – and remember value is not something that is fixed! Value means different things to different people so you need to have a conversation with them to work out their individual needs and perceptions. Remember that people will always look for value so you need to be demonstrating a value that seems to be equal to or greater than the asking price.

If you would like an effective business turnaround, it just may be worth your while to invest some time into developing the basic sales techniques of your team. There are many different sales strategies that you will find suggested out there, but focusing on the basic sales techniques and developing a good foundation will probably give you the most value for your money.

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