Are you getting the time freedom you truly want?


Freedom | Business RescueMost entrepreneurs go into business because they value “FREEDOM”. Freedom from their bosses, freedom to do what they wish to do and financial from anyone telling them what to do.

The truth is most business owners get the freedom to do what they want to do but they pay the ultimate price by giving up their own time freedom. What do I mean?

They become slave to their business, work long hours, never have time to go on holidays and ultimately miss out on seeing their children grow up.

I spoke a gentleman recently and he’s a successful entrepreneur. He owns a multi-million dollar business, generates good income but has been working for 6 days (every weekend) straight for the past 10 years. His relationship with his wife was strained and life was not fulfilling.

On the 28th March 11:55am PT (Los Angeles) or 29th March 5:55am Australia EST (Sydney) I will be interviewed by Alex Mandossian at a public hangout. I will explain some of the strategies I used on how to achieve my time freedom. Join us in that hangout and I show you some of the strategies I used. Click on the button below to register.


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Trevi Lim is a businessman, pharmacist, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker. He went from working over 80 hours a week as an employee to now multi-business owner in less than 7 years. As founder and CEO of BusinessRescue, he specialises in helping turning businesses around and grow businesses to the next level. He is a passionate mentor and teacher who wants to show people how to achieve financial freedom through their business.

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