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Is there anyone for whom Business Rescue would not be suitable?

Business Rescue is not suitable for people who are happy being an employee and have no interest in ever running a business.

Truly, the only people who would not benefit from using Business Rescue are those who do not enjoy learning and those who are not open to new ideas.

If I have a successful business, would Business Rescue benefit me?

Most definitely! The courses and training in Business Rescue contains timeless principles on running a successful business. It also consists of all the mistakes which business owners have made and cost them hundreds and thousands of dollars which you can learn and not make it yourself.


What is Business Rescue Refund Policy?

If the content fails to exceed your expectations within 60 days of purchase, Contact us through our email at to let us know. We will ask  only 3 questions. Here they are:

  1. “What happened?” 
  2. “What should have happened?”
  3. “How can we make it right?”

If you still want a refund after that 3rd question, you’ll get it with no additional questions asked

If I need coaching or someone to perform my business turnarounds, is it included in my monthly fee?

It is available but at additional cost. Because we want to make the content readily affordable for everyone, coaching and consulting will be available at request and we will tailor it based on your needs (subject to screening and approval) Feel free to contact us if you need coaching or consulting services at

What if Business Rescue members remained members in good standing for 30 days or more,what will their lives look like?

I can tell you this…your life will be different after that 30 days. In fact, if you stay beyond the trial membership of a week your life will be different as well.

  • Not because you’re paying more or you have more skin in the game.
  • Not because there will be more content coming at you.
  • Not because you’ll be able to see and hear new things and therefore, do new things in ways you have never done before.

It’s because you’ll be meeting new people and bringing more meaningful relationships into your life with other like-minded business owners.
If you play sports it’s your team. It’s whatever meaningful relationships you have that define the quality of your life and how you communicate with those folks really makes a difference.

You are always one relationship away from a fortune;
You are one relationship away from having your best friend

We pride in bringing like-minded business owners together and perhaps you ought to give yourself that opportunity.


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