Business Growth Strategies

Learn the insider secrets that allowed an ordinary business owner to consistently turnaround businesses in less than 3 months

  • Working more hours than ever for less return?
  • Cannot remember when was the last time you had holidays?
  • Struggling to make ends meet?
  • Knee deep in debt?
  • Your loved ones and children don't know who you are anymore...

Have you been quietly suffering from these symptoms?

  • Lack of cash

    You are making sales but you struggle to find cash to pay bills?

  • Declining sales and customers

    Economy slowdown is affecting most businesses as business owners find their customers are spending less and buying less frequently

  • High staff turnover

    You cannot seem to keep your staff as you waste more time and money training new recruits only to find them leaving

  • Poor productivity from staff

    Your team is unmotivated to work. Their coffee breaks are long and they spend more time gossiping about you than working for you.

  • Marketing strategies that do NOT work

    Tired of throwing away thousands of dollars on advertising methods that do not give you good results and yet you don’t have a better strategy.

  • Competitor getting more aggressive

    You see your customers walking to your competitor and you feel helpless as you watch your cash dry up in your bank

Enough! Enough! I need help.... but I don't know where to start!

A note from our founder Trevi Lim

If you wanted to learn how to consistently turnaround businesses and explode your sales to new heights, where would you find these strategies? Do you think they're sitting on the shelf at your local bookstore? They are.... but do you have the time to read through all of the books and not get confused by it? I was confused and that's why I started Business Rescue after figuring out what works and what doesn't.

From record setting debt levels and high unemployment around the world, small businesses are struggling to make ends meet. Sales are dwindling, customers are afraid of spending their hard earned money for fear they may lose their job overnight.

The people are looking towards the government for help or a handout but the truth is, the government cannot help you or themselves...

What we are facing is essentially the new depression but most of us do not know it..... yet. When the final whistle blows, you're either going to end up safe and financially secure or face losing everything you've got and putting your family out on the streets: the predicament you work so hard to prevent it from happening.

The only factor that will determine which group you're in, is knowledge... Do you know how to turnaround your business so it becomes your golden goose or do you continue to be a slave to it and work all your life away; ripping off your family of the dad or husband or wife or mum they so rightfully deserve?

I was working over 80 hours a week as an employee and at one time held over 15 jobs in a year so I could learn the "tricks of the trade" so to speak. When I bought my first business, I thought I was rich!

Boy, was I wrong!  I worked even harder. Long hours and overtime was just the beginning, I was knee deep in debt and I was stuck working even harder for the fear that if I didn't I would lose everything..... I don't even remember having any holidays for years and my wife and kid don't recognise me anymore. Does that sound familiar?

It wasn't until after 8 years of painstaking research of trial and error as a business owner myself that I discovered a foolproof strategy on performing business turnarounds. Within 7 short years, I have acquired over 15 multi-million dollar businesses and now I spend my time doing what I love doing: Teaching.

At the same time, my business turnaround clients are all benefiting from my foolproof strategies and rescuing their own businesses from financial disaster. Would you like to know more?


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Business Rescue Membership is an online course for people who wants to grow their business at an affordable budget.

But wait... how much is it going to cost me?

Being in the business consulting industry, I have realised one of the biggest problems of engaging a business consultant to fix your business, is the cost of their consulting fee. I know business consultants can charge from anywhere between a few thousand dollars, to a few hundred thousand dollars to fix your failing business. We call that the Done For You Model. Unfortunately with the high cost associated with it, that model prohibits most small businesses from attaining such help, especially if the business is suffering cash flow problems.

What most people need is an affordable Do It Yourself Model, which can give them a head start and a breather from their business problems.

This website is exactly that place. It's a members-only online resource that provides you with the very best information and support about Business Rescue

Become a member today for just $1.00 and you'll get full and instant access to the growing  "vault" of news, information, audios, videos, resources and the support of our community, guaranteed! 

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Let's take you on a tour...

Here's a sneak peak on what's inside our membership site...

  • 1

    The seven day challenge

    With this challenge you will learn more about your business than ever before, via a series of action steps. It will help you quickly diagnose your business to find out which area requires immediate attention, thereby you can straight away stop the bleed in your business. With our vast database, you can find the solution to your problem, with just a few clicks.

  • 2

    Ultimate members only discussion forum

    Got questions about rescuing your business? Our community has answers! You'll love the private forums with stimulating and valuable discussions on every aspect of business rescue. You'll receive prompt and professional answers to your questions, from myself and other members.
    Remember, the problem with most public forums and discussion groups is that the conversations usually consist of petty or unhelpful remarks, by people who have just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but they lack an honest desire to help!
    Some forums even deteriorate into childish name calling or worse. You won’t find that here. Our members are committed to helping each other. The truth is, the modest membership fee ensures high quality participation, and you’ll be amazed at how giving our members are.

  • 3

    Business strategies and secrets you wish your competitors will never find out!

    You'll discover the comprehensive library of latest news about business rescue, plus many millionaire interviews, business turnaround strategies, secrets to increasing productivity, improving your team culture, sharpening your financial skills, insight to all my business mistakes and much much more.
    You’ll save time, money, and effort. Just imagine, if you can learn a few of my many business mistakes which cost me millions of dollars, how much money would you save instantly? Not to mention the time it took me to figure out my business mistakes, which you will learn in a matter of minutes! PLUS you’ll enjoy the positive community of like-minded people, guaranteed!

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Business Strategies

Sales strategies

Marketing strategies

Leadership Training

Here's what you will learn:

  • Business strategies

    Learn the secrets of turning any businesses around regardless of competition around you.

  • Financial management

    How much money you bring home ultimately depends on how well you manage your financials and they don’t teach this to you in school!

  • Human resources

    Learn the secrets of creating a championship team in your business. Your team can either make you or break you!

  • Leadership

    The strength of the business depends on the leader and most of the time, it’s YOU.. Learn all the traits of an outstanding leader and how you can develop to become one

  • Personal development

    Who you have become will ultimately manifest in what you will achieve in life. Become the best you can be will determine your ultimate success: Quality of life.

  • Productivity

    Discover the secrets of doing more in less time. Ultimately this will double your profit and triple your free time.

  • Sales strategies

    Train your team and yourself to close more deals and generate more income in your business

  • Marketing strategies

    Learn how to market with minimal expenditure and maximize your returns. Stop wasting money on marketing strategies that does not work!

  • Interviews with experts

    Listen to the top teachers of the world in business as I have spent tons of money locating them and interviewing them. It’s all yours as part of the package!

And Much, Much More....

What I've outlined is just a fraction of what we've documented and what you'll learn as a Business Rescue Member. And the best part is that everything you see in there  comes from real life experience...

This isn't just theory or some old dusty business self help book written by a scholar who has never done any of it....

This has been a living adventure that peels back the curtain on the business strategies of real entrepreneurs in a way that's never been done before and in way that everyone can understand.

Have you been to your accountant or doctor's office and come out feeling dazzled and confused because they use a bunch of words that is boring and incomprehensible? You won't find that here! This membership is designed for beginners to the elite.

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Ever wondered how do successful people think?

I have! That's why I have followed the world's best teachers and authority in their business niche to bring their wisdom to you in the form of interviews.

Authorities such as Blair Singer (Rich Dad Advisor), Alex Mandossian (Larry King of Teleseminars), Kerwin Rae (Joint venture expert) and much much more!

Blair Singer Blair Singer
Alex Mandossian Alex Mandossian
Kerwin Rae Kerwin Rae

I'm Also Including My Iron-Clad 60-Day, No-Risk Guarantee

I'm committed to over-delivering value to you. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership, let me know within 60 days and I'll personally refund your money back completely.

You win by learning what you can within 60 days and I LOSE a student for life... but I do hope we still part as friends, sounds fair enough?

I only want delighted members, and this guarantee demonstrates how confident I am that you'll love this community. Here's what just a few of these satisfied customers have to say:

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Trac Hoang

Trevi is very innovative and very forward thinking…some of his ideas can be interpreted as “radical”. However he always takes time to explain the reasoning for his strategies that makes them easy to implement.

Simply put….”if Trevi doesn’t know, it ain’t worth knowing.

I can honestly say that my life has been very enriched thanks to Trevi. I won’t be where I am right now without his help. He helped me conquer my self-limiting fears and grow in an environment that did not favour growth.

Trac Hoang Chemmart Pharmacy, Adelaide Australia
I’ve found Trevi’s mentoring to be of great benefit to both the stores and myself I’ve been involved with at that time. I find his technique of mentoring to be very well planned and easy to follow which make implementation at store level very simple and always effective.

Your out of the box ideas are something I’ve really come to appreciate and have assisted in growing my professional skill set greatly. Luke Campbell
Townsville, Australia
I’ve learnt much more in the past 4 meetings than the last 4 years of my practicing life. Trevi is a great motivator and taught me many tricks of the trade. If I did not learn from Trevi, I will still be very lost in direction.  I thank Trevi very much for his time and patience for teaching me things I probably will never learn if it wasn’t for him.

I am very grateful especially for Trevi’s patience to break things down and explain things thoroughly to me. I would definitely recommend Trevi to all my peers for sure. Andy Chong
Morphett Vale, Australia
“Over the three years that I have known Trevi, he has guided and mentored me. With only an hour per month consultation, Trevi has given me the confidence to lead from the front and that no result is impossible, but instead achievable with enough hard work and right strategy.

A great business mind, I recommend Trevi to anyone keen on growing their business. In Trevi I now have not only a life-long mentor, but also a good friend.” Azzam Elasmar
West Ryde, Australia

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    Connect with like minded business owners and network. Who knows, your next joint venture might be just round the corner!

  • Exclusive interviews

    Listen and watch our exclusive interviews with the world’s leaders and authority in business. Learn from the experts and become one yourself!

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